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Fishing in the Paznaun

In harmony with the natural surroundings. While on a fishing holiday you get to enjoy the peace and tranquillity. ‘Petri Heil‘ or ‘tight lines’ in the Paznaun region!

Fishing while on holiday is one sport which will help you discover tranquillity. You are alone in the tranquil natural surroundings and if a fish bites, then your fishing holiday is perfect. There are many opportunities to cast your rod in the Paznaun region.

At a glance:

Fishing areas and regulations


Season: from Mid-April to September 30th 2021
Water bodies: Trisanna from Gigglbach/See to Brandau/Kappl
Contact person: Günther Narr, Tel.: +43 699 10 746 280
Shell Tankstelle See, Tel.: +43 5441 20015
Day tariff: € 35,00
Catch limit: 4 fish
Prohibited bait:  all live baits and maggots


Season: from March 13th to September 30th 2021
Water bodies: Sanna from Zappenbach/Graf to Wiesberg, Web: www.fv-bachforelle.at
Contact person: Andreas Egger, Tel.: +43 676 6111 071
Day tariff: € 35,00
Catch limit: 4 fish
Tyrolean fishing card or guest fishing card
(valid for 2 weeks) required!
Prohibited bait: Fishing as per Tyrol Fisheries Law