Collect stamps and earn an award

Wanderbutz – Hiking Badges in See

Hiking is rewarded in See! Yes, you heard that right. Hardworking hikers can look forward to the breathtaking mountain adventures they’ll experience in See, as well as to a little souvenir they can take back home. Explore the most beautiful hiking trails in the region and earn a stamp after every completed route. Have you already collected a few stamps? Great! The hiking badges or your “Wanderbutz” award are already waiting for you!

An experience for the whole family

Collecting the hiking stamps is an exciting endeavour, especially for families! Get caught up in hiking fever and discover the most beautiful trails in the region. Whether you’re on a sporty mountain adventure or a leisurely family hike, you can collect stamps for the cabins and pastures around See for every route you complete. Register your hike in the hiking booklet and start planning your next route!
Additionally: You can get your own personal hiking booklet at the tourist information office in See.

Hiking badge

... with the mystical "Wanderbutz"

Badges for hiking in the Tyrol Alps

The mysterious “Wanderbutz”

Experience a summer full of amazing hikes in Paznaun while searching for clues! Learn about the mysterious history of the “Wanderbutz” and be enchanted! The legend surrounding this mysterious figure is one of the most well-known tales in the region. The story concerns the spirit of a long-dead Alpine herdsman who wanders through the valley. This folktale is firmly rooted in the traditions of Paznaun. Today, the “Wanderbutz” is given to hardworking hikers in the form of a badge. So get out there and hike to receive your reward! 

A hiking badge for young and old

One thing is clear: children are especially fond of collecting the stamps! When your family holiday in See is over, don’t forget to pick up your “Wanderbutz” award for completed hikes at the tourist information office.

The badges at a glance

  • Bronze: awarded for 18 points
  • Silver: awarded for 36 points
  • Gold: awarded for 54 points
  • Gold in a mountain pine wreath: awarded for achieving gold three times in three years

Hiking badges for children up to 6 years of age and seniors over 60 years of age:

  • Bronze: awarded for 10 points
  • Silver: awarded for 20 points
  • Gold: awarded for 30 points

Are you looking for a beautiful hiking destination? Explore all the hiking trails in See and book your hiking holiday today!