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The chefs

Enjoying the region’s most mouth-watering delicacies while hiking – thanks to the Culinary Way of St. James in the Paznaun region, that’s easy. Five award-winning chefs create top-class dishes that will sweep you away to gourmet heaven.

The best thing about it: Gourmet heaven is not all that far away! Actually, it’s nearer than you might think – more precisely, it’s right next to the most beautiful hiking trails of the Paznaun region. As part of the Culinary Way of St. James, award-winning chefs present their finest creations at the mountain huts of the region. In doing so, they combine alpine traditions with state-of-the-art cuisine and sophisticated dishes with down-to-earth ingredients.

Apart from their international renown, the five local chefs from the Paznaun region have one thing in common: their love for the mountains and the true taste of Tyrol.

Get to know the five award-winning chefs on the Culinary Way of St. James!

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Cooks at the Heidelberger hut

Gunther Döberl cooks STIAR  – Season – Tradition – Innovation – Alpine – Regional

  • Season: A selection of seasonal products reflects sustainability and is also an essential component of quality. Origins – growth – maturity.
  • Tradition: Fascinated by the ingenuity of times gone by when classics of Alpine cuisine were made from the simplest and scarcest of ingredients. Ancient techniques such as fermentation, drying, preserving and using all parts of an animal became his cooking philosophy and attitude to life.
  • Innovation: Modern techniques – new combinations - presentation.  
  • Alpine: Creations from the culinary wealth of the Alps. 
  • Regional: Home-grown and farmed produce and close collaboration with regional producers.


Professional experience incl.

Awards incl.
  • Deuring Schlössle, Bregenz, 17 GaultMillau 
  • Vila Joya, Protugal, 2** Michelin
  • Patrick Guilbaud Dublin/Irland, 2 ** Michelin
  • Jöhri‘s Talvo St. Moritz/Switzerland, 2**  Michelin & 18 GaultMillau 
  • Bumann’s Chesa Pirani La Punt/Switzerland, 2**  Michelin & 18 GaultMillau 
  • 4 toques ( 17 points )  GaultMillau 
  • 4 stars ( 94 points ) A La Carte Guide 
  • 3 forks ( 92 points ) Falstaff Guide 
  •  TOP 50 Chefs in the Schlemmer Atlas
  • Chef of the Year 2019 ‘Der große Guide’ Restaurant & Hotel

Recipe (PDF-Download)

Cooks at the Jamtal hut

Not just a hotelier – a passionate chef and dairyman too

He stands at the stove day in, day out and has achieved a lot in his life. But the hotelier, master chef and passionate dairyman has no desire to rest on his laurels. Hermann Huber still draws inspiration from national, international as well as predominantly regional products and dishes. Whether at the dairy or in the kitchen, he is always on the lookout for something new to keep getting better and stay at the highest level – and stand out from the crowd.

He has been chef at the Huber-Hotel Almhof**** in Galtür for almost 40 years.

He refuses to let the young ones steal his bread and butter – or in his case, his cheese. He is passionate and committed to his cheese dairy and has made a name for himself at a national and international level, winning several awards.

Recipe (PDF-Download)

Cooks at the Friedrichshafener hut

Benjamin Parth, chef at the Hotel YSCLA and the hotel’s own Stüva gourmet restaurant in Ischgl, has long been an established figure among gourmets and has been an impressive part of Austria’s top chef scene for many years. This is reflected not least in awards given to Ischgl’s most decorated chef at present: his four toques (18.5 points) in GaultMillau 2020, five stars (97 points) in the Guide A la Carte 2020 and four forks (97 points) in the Falstaff Restaurant Guide 2020 speak for themselves. The highlights of his career to date are the award for ‘GaultMillau Chef of the Year 2019’ and his acceptance into the ‘Les Grandes Tables du Monde’ 2020.

‘Get better every day’ has been Benjamin Parth’s motto from the outset. In this way, the talented chef from Ischgl has climbed his way up to the culinary elite of Austria’s gourmet gastronomy scene within just a few years: he was first listed in the Austrian edition of GaultMillau in 2009 at the age of 19 when he was at the Stüva gourmet restaurant – at that time, with one toque (14 points), making him ‘Austria’s youngest Gault Millau recognised chef’. After completing training with Heinz Winkler and returning back home after numerous trips abroad, Benjamin Parth has been working as the chef at his Hotel YSCLA and its Stüva gourmet restaurant since 2008.

Professional experience incl.

Awards incl.
  • Chef Restaurant Stüva, Ischgl, seit 2008
  • Restaurant Aqua, Wolfburg ***, 2009
  • L’Auberge de I’ll, Illhaeusern ***, 2008
  • Residenz Heinz Winkler ***, Aschau, 2005-2008
  • 18.5 points, GaultMillau 
  • Chef of the Year 2019,  GaultMillau 
  • 5 stars ( 97 points ), A La Carte Guide 
  • 4 forms ( 97 points ) , Falstaff Guide 
  • Member of ‘Les Grandes Tables du Monde’
  • Young Chef Award, La Liste 2020

Recipe (PDF-Download)

Cooks at the Almstüberl

Martin Sieberer comes from Hopfgarten im Brixental. Here he began working at a small family hotel but after finishing his training, it became clear to him that cooking was his calling and not just his profession and so he strove to expand and improve on his cooking skills. His culinary career path led him to some of the best chefs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

With the reopening of the Hotel Trofana Royal in November 1996, Martin Sieberer discovered a new challenge. His decision to settle in the middle of a busy tourist resort where fast-food cuisine is to be expected has paid off. The Trofana Royal is now one of Austria’s top hotels and provides the chef with the ideal conditions and opportunities to combine sophisticated five star luxury with his elegant and subtle culinary skills.

Sieberer’s gourmet restaurant, the Paznaunerstube, has been a focal point for many gourmets and connoisseurs since the outset. In 1997, he was named ‘Upcoming Chef of the Year’ and the Paznaunerstube gourmet restaurant was the first in Paznaun to be awarded 2 Gault Millau toques. He was awarded a third toque for the first time in 1998. The highlight of his notable career was the award for ‘GaultMillau Chef of the Year 2000’. His awards and ratings in various gourmet guides have continued to increase and the Paznaunerstube is now one of the leading restaurants in Austria with an international reputation. His culinary achievements have continued and his second restaurant, Sieberers Heimatbühne, has also received numerous awards from gourmet critics. Martin Sieberer has held 7 Gault Millau toques at his two restaurants since 2019.

Professional experience incl. Awards incl.
  • At the age of 28, Martin Sieberer became chef at the ‘Hotel Trofana Royal’ in 1996
  • GaultMillau Chef of the Year 2000
  • 2001 published his first cookbook – additional books followed.
  • Lufthansa star chef on long-haul flights for business and first-class passengers
  • Coordinator for guest chefs, dishes and landlords since the start of the Culinary Jakobsweg Paznaun series of events
  • Gault Millau: Paznaunerstube 4 toques/18 points – Heimatbühne 3 toques/15 points
  • Falstaff VIP Guide: Paznaunerstube 4 forks/98 points – Heimatbühne 4 forks/ 95 points
  • A la Carte Guide: Paznaunerstube 5 stars/95 points – Heimatbühne 4 stars/92 points
  • Guide Michelin with one star since it was first published in Austria

Recipe (PDF-Download)

Cooks at the Ascher hut

International, down-to-earth cuisine

The top chef brings the best foods from all over the world into his kitchen and then seeks to combine them with local products and delicacies from Paznaun. He gathers the very best, pairs them together and then refines the textures, colour combinations and flavours. Spitzer’s cuisine is cosmopolitan yet with roots and is connected with Paznaun’s landscape. This is notable because Spitzer comes from Pinzgau and likes to be a ‘Pinzgauer’. His adventurous play on textures is one thing and the overall colourful impression is quite another – but in the end, it is the taste which decides! The taste buds are the final judge for Andreas Spitzer. He achieves this with his natural respect for food.

The passion which the award-winning chef serves up on the plate has ben refined even more precisely over the last few years and so it is no surprise that Spitzer’s cuisine has been awarded 3 Gault Millau toques. The recipe for success behind his cooking lies in his calm and focus on what is most important. He works in a disciplined manner and always as a team player. He draws inspiration from his culinary creations from the Paznaun mountains. He explores the branched out side valleys and mountain lakes of Paznaun just as meticulously as he works on any of his potential culinary creations. Always with interest and fascinated by the joys of adventure. 

After training at the Maria Alm and completing various educational posts in Ischgl, Andreas Spitzer secured the chance to work as a chef at the ****S-Hotel Fliana at the age of 24. He developed his cooking here with focus and passion, always seeking to provide the guest with a unique experience. 

Professional experience incl. Awards incl.
  • Hotel Eder, Maria Alm 
  • Hotel Jägerhof, Ischgl 
  • Hotel Trofana Alpin, Ischgl 
  • Hotel Trofana Royal, Ischgl 
  • 3 toques ( 15.5 points ) GaultMillau 
  • 3 stars ( 80 points )      A La Carte Guide 
  • 2 forks ( 87 points )     Falstaff Guide 
  • Winner of the Golden Tea Leaf 2018

Recipe (PDF-Download)