28th July 2019

SpongeBob show day

The games show with Robert Steiner

Hardly a serial character is more famous and popular than SpongeBob and his friend Patrick. The two audience magnets come to See – live!

On Sunday, July 28, fun and action with Robert Steiner and his team at the Medrigalm Restaurant in See is announced again. SpongeBob and Patrick enjoy themselves all day at the Medrigalm Restaurant, while on stage there are numerous quizzes and competitions. Be there!

Good to know:

  • Start: 28th of July from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • Attention: location change
    Where: Medrigalm Restaurnat
  • Admission free


  • Stage show & party fun with competitions and cool prizes
  • Wanna look like SpongeBob and his friends? The styling box makes it possible!
  • Memo photos with SpongeBob & Patrick to go
  • "SpongeBob" painting station
  •  And much more …