Pure relaxation at 1,800 metres above sea level

Wellness Park in See

Wellness with a view: In See, peace-seekers and active holidaymakers alike can find relaxation and well-being at over 1,000 metres above sea level. Visit Wellness Park and enjoy unique moments of indulgence in the Tyrolean Alps.

Soak up the crystal-clear mountain air, dip your feet in icy hydrotherapy pools and refresh your mind in the esoteric area of the complex, where stones and crystals await you. Away from the stresses of everyday life, a summer holiday in a class of its own awaits you!

The Wellness Park – at a glance

Are you searching for inner balance and stability? You’re guaranteed to find it at the Wellness Park. Located directly beside the See cable car station, summer holidaymakers can experience an extensive wellness package:

  • Hydrotherapy facilities: Cold water isn’t just refreshing – it’s also healthy. After a strenuous hike, stretch your feet in the icy pool to stimulate circulation. The Wellness Park has two hydrotherapy facilities.
  • Foot massage path: If you want to do something good for your feet, take a walk barefoot over the foot massage path. Close your eyes and feel the elements of nature under your feet!
  • Colour and chromotherapy: At the Wellness Park, colour and chromotherapy helps to put you in a positive mood. Energies are intensified or altered by certain colours – some colours are invigorating, others soothing. Don’t believe it? Try it!
  • Water straight from the mountains: Fill up your water bottle and taste the crystal-clear mountain water of the Tyrolean Alps. Enjoy the taste of nature!

Esoterism at the Wellness Park

Leo, Capricorn, or Aries – learn more about the signs of the zodiac and their associated stones and crystals in the esoteric area of the Wellness Park. The special thing about it is that, according to experts, the minerals associated with the individual zodiac signs have healing powers that can positively impact your health. Also check out the noise cylinder and stone circle installations.

Tips for successful hydrotherapy

  • Remember the stork walk: Always pull your legs completely out of the water as you walk and bend your toes downwards. Repeat several times.
  • Don’t overdo it: Are your legs starting to feel very cold? Take a break, warm your feet and then continue.
  • Don’t dry your feet: After the last hydrotherapy walk, don’t dry your legs. Let the water air-dry.

The Wellness Park is the perfect starting point for many hikers. You can learn more about the region’s hiking routes now!