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Alpe Gamperthun

Alpe Gamperthun lodge is one of the most beautiful and highest cow pastures in Paznaun, situated at 2,057 meters, just above the tree line. It offers stunning views of the highest peaks in Paznaun and extends to Grins. You can see the Hohe Riffler (3,168 m), Pezinerspitze (2,550 m), and Kappler Kopf (2,404 m). A small chapel near the Alpe provides a peaceful spot to rest and recharge. Enjoy homemade Paznauner Almkäse and other local specialties for a delightful culinary experience.

Ascher Hütte

The Ascher Hütte lodge sits at 2,256 meters in the Samnaun group, surrounded by Blankakopf and Rotpleiskopf. Owned by the DAV-Sektion Pfaffenhofen-Asch, it is open in both summer and winter seasons. The lodge offers a cozy atmosphere and culinary delights, with breathtaking views of the Verwall group and Hoher Riffler (3,168 m). In winter, the rustic lodge with a snow bar awaits you halfway down the Ascherhütten descent, perfect for a break and refreshment. Tradition is alive and palpable here.

Panoramarestaurant Medrig

Take the Medrigjochbahn from See to the Panoramarestaurant at 1,800 m. The self-service restaurant serves traditional hut classics, which you can enjoy on the large sun terrace with views of the Verwall group and the Hoher Riffler (3,168 m). The upstairs Panolounge features a deckchair terrace for relaxation. In winter, Medrigalm is the heart of the See ski area, while in summer, it is the starting point for numerous hikes, from leisurely walks through lush meadows and streams to climbing impressive three-thousand-meter peaks.

Versing Alpe

The cozy Versing Alpe lodge fits perfectly into the Paznaun mountain landscape and is a popular destination for all ages. A gentle 45-minute walk from the Medrigjochbahn mountain station leads to the Alpe, situated at 1,900 meters. The wide, flat path is ideal for strollers. Upon arrival, you can enjoy homemade Paznauner Almkäse and fresh milk. Children especially love the petting zoo and playground, where they can have fun. It's an ideal spot for a relaxing family outing.

Attention: closed in winter!

Hexensee Hütte

Nestled in a beautiful and serene landscape, the Hexensee Hütte sits at an altitude of 2,588 meters. Its unique location offers various hiking options in all directions, including Pfunds, Samnaun, Ischgl, and See. A special highlight is the hike to Hexenkopf (3,035 m), taking about 3 hours round trip. The nearby Hexensee, with its deep blue, clear water, is a perfect rest spot. From See, you can reach the hut via the Masnerjoch, with a round-trip hike of approximately 8 hours.

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