From the beginnings until today

The history of Bergbahnen See

The cable cars of See can look back on a long and fascinating history. First developments on the Medrigalm ski resort started back in 1972 when there was a one-seater chairlift taking skiers up the mountain right from the village centre. Back in the day, winter sports athletes only enjoyed a fraction of today’s extensive offers, with only one more drag lift available in addition to the ESL-Medrigjoch.

About 50 years later, the cable cars of See boasts eleven state-of-the-art lifts and cable cars carrying a whopping 11,500 passengers an hour up the mountain.

You would like to know more about the cable cars of See? We have the most important milestones of Bergbahnen See for you!


1972 to 1997: from the beginnings to the first snowboard funpark 

  • 1972-73 – start of the Medrigjoch cable cars with a one-seater chairlift (ESL-Medrigjoch), a T-bar lift (Rauhkopflift) and the Medrigalm mountain restaurant
  • 1976 – construction of Almlift (length: 380 m, capacity: 800 passengers per hour)
  • 1978 – construction of Panoramalift (length: 720 m, capacity: 750 passengers per hour)
  • 1983 – construction of ESL-Zeinis (length: 1,350 m, capacity: 780 passengers per hour)
  • 1990 – completion of 6-EUB-Medrigjoch (length: 1,554 Meter, capacity: 1,460 passengers per hour) | construction of 4-SB-Rossmoos (length: 1,040 m, capacity: 2,200 passengers per hour) | restaurant extension to 250 seats
  • 1991 – extension of snow-making system | construction of toboggan run 
  • 1993-94 – construction of Gratli restaurant | construction of a sports shop in the ski resort | extension of snow-making system | construction of toboggan run lighting 
  • 1997 – new snowboard funpark

2001 to 2006: new runs and lifts

  • 2001 – shaping of the new Zeinis run | construction of the practice area above Medrigalm panoramic restaurant | new health and wellness park behind the panoramic restaurant 
  • 2002 – replacement of the Zeinis one-seater chairlift with a six-seater chairlift | construction of a platter lift, rope lift and conveyor belt at the practice area | extension of snow-making system | new lighting for night skiing on the new Zeinis run 
  • 2003 – construction of kindergarten | electrification and reconstruction of Medrigalm T-bar lift 
  • 2005 – shaping of the Versing run | planning and construction start of avalanche detonation cableways Versing I and Versing II | construction of explosives storage facility
  • 2006 – completion of Versing run and explosives storage facility | extension of snow-making system
  • 2007 – extension of snow-making system | construction of a Schirmbar on the Gratli
  • 2008 – start of valley descent realignment | construction of a parking lot with 350 parking spaces right next to the cable car valley station | construction of Medrigalm ice bar
  • 2009 – snowmaking and energy generation system: New construction of three machine houses (one pumping station, two hydroelectric power plants) | Completion of the piping and snowmaking valley run, as well as the rerouting of the valley run | Acquisition of an additional conveyor belt for the practice meadow
  • 2010 – extension of the snow-making system | Reconstruction of the free-flow area in the Panorama Restaurant Medrigalm | Expansion of the pistes (improvement of the Grat run, "Adrenalin" piste) | New construction of the Gratli ski bridge | Completion of the energy generation system | Construction of a new piste guidance system | Construction of a local info channel

2010 to today: further expansion of the ski resort

  • 2011 – construction of a playground at the mountain station of the cable car | expansion of the snow-making system
  • 2012 – extension of the snow-making system - since winter 2012/13 full snow-making has been possible | extension of the Panorama Restaurant for a further 66 seats | new construction of the fuel station for the piste machines
  • 2013 – extension of the snow-making system | reconstruction of the washing area - washing line | 25 kV line to Versing valley | planning of the Versing cable car
  • 2014 – construction of the 8-EUB Versingbahn | snow-making system and intermediate pumping station | sewerage system | 25 KV network | slope construction (avalanche deflection dam) | SkyBar 
  • 2015 – extension of snow-making system (19 tower cannons)
  • 2016 – new construction of workshop hall, offices, automation of snow-making system (5 snow cannons), 1 detonation tower
  • 2017 – extension of snow-making system (piste 2b, fun park, 10 snow cannons), improvement of toboggan run (partly new lighting, widening and planking), new ice bar at the Panorama Restaurant Medrigalm, reconstruction of ski cellar
  • 2018 – 6 EUB Medrigjoch - new electrical system, extension of snow-making system (valley run), Improvement of toboggan run (path widening and planking), piste improvements (valley run, Versing run)
  • 2019 – improvement of piste formerly 2b - currently piste 12, toboggan run - further planking
  • 2020 – adaptation of piste formerly 12c - currently piste no. 32 incl. snowmaking, new piste guidance system incl. panorama, repair of terrace at Gratli restaurant (new foundations, new wooden balustrade)
  • 2021 – new 48 m long conveyor belt as an ascent aid to the practice area, piste adaptation - Gratli descent
  • 2022 – Construction of the 8-EUB-Furglerblick | Piste construction (avalanche deflection dam) | Piste construction (1.2 km long blue piste) | Snowmaking system