A place steeped in history and tradition

Galtür in Tyrol

The small ski resort of Galtür is located at the rear end of the Paznaun region. The 800-inhabitant municipality at the foot of the 2,671-metre Ballunspitze is surrounded by a breathtaking mountain world, lending a unique charm to the tranquil village. The family-friendly ski resort attracts winter sports athletes as well as relaxation-loving couples and pleasure-seekers. For all of them, Galtür is a perfect place to recharge their batteries and discover a varied world of holiday happiness.

The holiday resort of Galtür in a nutshell

  • municipality in Tyrol
  • situated at the rear end of the Paznaun valley, on the border to Vorarlberg
  • altitude: 1,584 m a.s.l.
  • inhabitants: approx. 800
  • area: 122.06 km²
  • first official climatic health resort in Tyrol

Galtür – the name says it all

Nestled at the rear end of the Paznaun Valley, on the border to Vorarlberg, lies Galtür. The name of the village goes back to the word “cultura”, referring to the cultivation work and vigorous trade of the people of the Engadine, who settled in the area around 1095. In the 18th century, Galtür became a well-known place of pilgrimage and, later, a popular destination for mountaineers seeking to conquer the peaks of the Silvretta.

Five things you shouldn’t miss on a holiday in Galtür …

Tyrol’s first climatic spa

Since April 1997 it’s official: Galtür is Tyrol’s first climatic spa. Thanks to its clean and almost entirely pollen-free air, the small mountain village offers the perfect “breathing space” for allergy sufferers. What’s more, the resort’s mild climate makes mountain biking, hiking and climbing there even more fun.
The air is regularly tested for noxious substances by the Central Institute for Meteorology in Vienna, with the ECARF seal attesting the village’s allergy-friendly environment. 

High air quality and a healing climate 

Galtür’s mountain air is unique – and that’s certified. Its special location contributes to a pleasant climate and remarkably low pollution levels. Sulphur dioxide as well as dust and ozone levels are way below average because the mountains allow the air to circulate and rainfall is low. Thanks to its high-altitude location, there are also almost no house dust mites to be found in Galtür, making the resort a paradise for guests suffering from allergy-related respiratory problems.

Our tip: The second half of July is the perfect time to visit Galtür as a kind of allergy refuge!

Take a deep breath: pollen-free holidays in Galtür

Thanks to Galtür’s unrivalled mountain air, pollen rates are remarkably low in the little mountain village, with only rare rises in alder and grass pollen rates. State-of-the-art pollen traps constantly measure and analyse the current pollen rates, making it easier for allergy-suffering holiday guests to plan their holiday.

Pollen-free holidays in the climatic spa of Galtür are a pleasant alternative for all allergy sufferers. After all, what could be more beautiful than a holiday with a breath of fresh air?

Galtür’s excellent mountain spring water 

Galtür is known for its pristine and untouched nature and the excellent drinking water that comes from the Galtür mountain spring. With remarkably low sodium levels, it is particularly beneficial for the heart and circulatory system.

What’s more, a hardness level of only 1.7 makes the water particularly soft – the perfect base for mixed drinks, teas or coffee or to drink it pure.

In 2004, the Galtür mountain spring water was awarded a special quality seal for drinking water and is subject to strict annual quality checks.

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